After 4 years from presentation , REBEL SPORT JET,  is now well known

and appreciated by RC pilots all over the world.

The innovative design and rationalization of the frame makes

the REBEL original and elegant.

Totally built in  “vacuum technology” with new

materials and  most advanced techniques.

The quality of construction  is  higher compared with standard on the market.

Fast and easy to build, it comes already in-mould painted .

Factory building and custom painting service is available

The large opening on the top allows easy access to the turbine and

all electronics can be fully inspected.

The flight characteristics are amazing at all speeds due to a very low

wing loading.

Thanks to this characteristic, the Rebel can be flown by less experienced

pilots ,but without the limits of a trainer model

The Rebel has been especially designed for the new aerobatic

jet competitions and is capable to performing  high level aerobatic

display, using only a turbine of 10kg thrust.

DescriptionUnit price with tax 22% (VA)
Kit "Rebel" size 220 x 200 in mould painted (one color for each part, ready for stickers)€ 2.050,00
Kit "Rebel" size 220 x 200 v in mould painted (full graphics)€ 2.550,00
Stainless steel / aluminium tailpipe€ 160,00
Titaniuml / aluminium tailpipe€ 240,00
Fuel tank (standard)€ 150,00
Special fuel tank (with integrated UAT)€ 185,00
Smoke tank€ 90,00
Landing gear set (elecric with breakes) Ecectron€ 950,00
Stickers set€ 80,00
Wiring able set, complete with connectors€ 200,00
Costum paiting € 1.500,00
Bags for wings, rudders, drift (bubble version)
€ 169,00
Bags for wings, rudders, drift (fabric version)
€ 238,00



200 cm z 220 cm


10 kg

Adatto a turbine

8/14 kg di spinta