Rebel Max

Rebel Max

The REBEL family has a new member.

Born for pilots looking for a model at the top of the class, but as Pirotti tradition easy to manage and to pilot.

The weight is the same of the smaller model. Divided fill the same space of the Rebel Pro, but as soon as assembled he show with elegance it’s generous dimensions.

In the Max size, thanks to the reduced wing load, the flight characteristics are further enhanced, especially at low speeds.

Rebel Max has the same characteristics of the previous models, but thanks to the experience made on hundreds of Rebel products, is still improved and faster to assemble.

The reduced weight and dimensions allow you to use the same retracts and tank of Rebel Pro.

The Rebel Max is suitable for turbines with 20 to 27 kg of thrust.

As always is available with full graphics painted in the mould, or single color version, ready for custom painting.

DescriptionUnit price with tax 22% (IVA)
Kit "REBEL" size 340x310 in mould painted (one color each part, ready for stickers)€ 4.500,00
Kit "REBEL" size 340x310 in mould painted (full graphics)€ 4.800,00
Stainless steel / aluminium tailpipe€ 200,00
Titanium / alliminuim tailpipe€ 300,00
Fuel tank (standard)€ 150,00
Special fuel tank (with integrated UAT)€ 185,00
Smoke tank€ 95,00
Landing gear set (electric with brakes) Electron€ 1.150,00
Wiring cable set, complete with connectors€ 300,00
Custom painting€ 2.500,00
Bags for wings, elevator, rudder (bubble version)€ 230,00
Bags for wings, elevator, rudder (fabric version)€ 350,00

Jet Power 2018 - Pirotti Rebel Max

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310 x 340 cm


20 kg

Suitable for turbines

20/25 kg of thrust