Rebel Pro

Rebel Pro

The REBEL PRO, is a large size , aerobatic sport jet. Distributed since 2014 it is well known and

appreciated all over the world for its amazing flying characteristics and exciting design.

The REBEL PRO is the natural evolution of the Rebel sport jet:

same construction features with  advanced materials, quick building, in mould painting in many

version and colours, with graphic scheme or single colour with vinil stickers.

Custom painting and building service is available.

The access inside the fuselage is  easy and  all the electronics  components are perfectly


Of course,  the exceptional flying  characteristics of the REBEL PRO are enhanced by the

increased size and  smaller wing loading compared with the Rebel.

The trump card  of the PRO  is the  option to split in a few seconds the  2 parts  of  the

fuselage for easy transportation.

The REBEL PRO, with is 2.90 meters in lenght, can be loaded onto any vehicle.

DescriptionUnit price with tax 22% (IVA)
Kit "Rebel Pro" size 290 x 260 in mould painted (one color for each part, ready for stickers)€ 2.950,00
Kit "Rebel Pro" 290 x 260 in mould painted (full graphics)€ 3.400,00
Stainless steel / aluminium tailpipe € 175,00
Titanium / aluminium tailpipe € 260,00
Fuel tank (standard)€ 150,00
Special fuel tank (with integrated UAT)€ 185,00
Smoke tanks € 95,00
Landing gear set (electric with brakes) Electron€ 1.050,00
Stickers set€ 100,00
Wiring cable set, complete with connectors€ 250,00
Costum paiting€ 2.000,00
Bags for wings, elevator, rudder (bubble version)€ 183.00
Bags for wings, elevator, rudder (fabric version)€ 305,00



290 cm x 260 cm


16 kg


16 kg di spinta