HERON is the first sport jet capable of taking off and landing vertically.



HERON is the first turbine jet model able to perform vertical take-offs and landings, while maintaining the flight characteristics typical of the “sport jet”. We built the model by equipping it with a 4.5 kg thrust turbine, 1 liter kerosene tank, electronics and batteries in the main fuselage. The two lateral fuselages contain 4 electric motors (TMOTOR) and relative ESCs. The 15 “propellers are foldable and fold down during turbine flight. The inverted V tail configuration ensures excellent spacing from the hot exhaust and high rigidity of the structure (required for flight in quadcopter mode).

The take-off weight (with one liter of fuel) is 7.5 kg. The wingspan is 195 cm. The NANOV5 autopilot, combined with a GPS sensor, provides the full functionality of an advanced quadcopter, including automatic “HOME” return in the event of a turbine control or shutdown problem.


These are Heron’s strengths:

  • Possibility of taking off and landing from short runways or pitches;
  • Saving the model in case of flamout, failure of a servo or failsafe;
  • It can be used as a trainer for novice pilots inexperienced in landing
  • It has a “panic switch” that can automatically return to “home” in case of problems.


The HERON can be equipped with retractable landing gear (Electron ER30) for hybrid use (normal take-off and landing + VTOL), or with quadcopter-style fins for exclusive VTOL use. The recommended 12 S batteries (6 +6 in series of 1550 Ma) allow an autonomy in hoovering of about 3 minutes. CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE AVAILABLE EQUIPMENTS.


The construction is obviously in “full vacuum” composite, with the use of innovative materials to ensure maximum lightness and strength. The model is sold already painted, in 5 different configurations, from the Basic kit to the full PNP. The 7 servos installed are MKS HV69 (torque 9.2 kg at 7.4 V). Distribution will start from December 2020.